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Romantic, cozy, elegant and private environment, sit back and relax, your here to enjoy!


The most romantic restaurant in Hong Kong
The most romantc steakhouse in Hong Kong

We are quality unconditional people, dedicated to offering you the best steak experience possilble but also sharing with you our love for timeless French Classics, without any shortcuts.

Our Tenderloin are  from Mayura Station Signature Series
Tenderloin Rossini from Chez Raymond de Paris

Our wines are selected to be perfect matches with your dishes. Our wine list is not huge. We don't cover all parts of France and we don't offer outrageously priced "labels".  Producing great wine is an Art as much as culinary supremacy, our wine makers are Artisans, Our wines are carefully selected and directly imported, last but not least produced by  people sharing French Gourmet philosophy.


Welcome to our table! Welcome to Chez Raymond De Paris in Sai Kung  

Chez Raymond de Paris | Best Wine in Hong Kong
Drinking Wine in Chez Raymond de Paris
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