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Our selection of productss is not very big because we only offer the best and the best takes time to source. Delicious and at very reasonable prices, this club is the extension of what we offer you in our restaurant: High quality food and wine.We don't agree to pay unreasonable high price for products that are most of the time just "ok quality".

By joining Raymond Deli Club you will enjoy high quality/reasonable price. We hope you enjoy your visit of our e-store. Purchase over $1000, free delivery (for sai kung area). You can also visit us during afternoon time in our restaurant for tasting and shopping! 

We are based in Sai Kung, any delivery outside Sai Kung area, $300 delivery charge will added to the final bill. 

Any question feel free to whatshapp us on 64841400 

Raymond Deli Club

Fumaison 100g -- by Rodolphe Le Meunier

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Totally uncomon Cheese

The meaning of Fumaison in French is "food smoking process". Fumaison is aged for about 100 days, hanged in the cellar and is "smoked" like a saussage, actually it is dried inside a saussage net. People who love smoked salmon, smoked ham and any other smoked style food will enjoy Fumaison.

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