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Three Michelin Star Chicken available

If you are tired of chewy plastic chicken then you have you try at least 1 time in your life Bresse Chicken. Bresse is a small city where the best chicken in the world are grown.

Yes, Bresse chicken is about 10 times more expensive than plastic chicken... Why?

- Milk and corn feeding in the wild.

- The breed of chicken is only found in Bress

- Chickens are constantly taking part of breeding competition and receiving gold medals.

- Bresse chickens are the only chickens in the world to have what is called "AOP": Origin Protected Name. What does it means? Champagne can only be produced in Champagne county following very strict standards, Camembert is a very little village in Normandy where a lady created the original recipe of Camembert, therefore AOP Camembert means only produced in this very specific area with specific milk and methods. This is the same for this chicken.

- This chicken is served in many 3 Michelin stars restaurants in France.

Cooking of this chicken is not difficult, but needs to follow traditional French coocking methods. Slow low temperature cooking is the best. Truffle is an excellent partner to create sublime sauce to go together with your chicken.

We can get chicken for you and help you learning how to cook them. Kobe Wagyu, Gallician Beef , Scotish Angus and Aubrac are part of the best breed of beef in the world, Bresse Chicken is the king of chicken! Indulge yourself, get one, slow cook it! Add a fressh truffle sauce and enjoy!!!

*** Bresse Chicken dish in Paul Baucuse restaurant cost is 1500$ per person,, Paul Baucuse restaurant is a *** Michelin for over 50 years... You can trust that Bresse chicken is amazing dish!!!



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