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Outstanding Cheese that nearly impossible to find in Hong Kong

36 months Comte Cheese

How to make it......

The making of Comte Cheese is extremely delicate. Only 1.5% of all the production from THE BEST Comte Cheese maker will become Comte 36 month. Speaking with them, they explained me that 36 month Comte needs to be treated AS EXCEPTIONAL because it is an exceptional cheese!

Only served in 5 restaurants in Honk Kong. Chez Raymond De Paris is proudly part of them!

Who can make it.....

It is by Cheese Master Anthony in France --

It exist in total 180 Comte cheese makers. Most of them will be stopping the aging process at 20 month. To bring Comte to 20 month already requires the best summer milk when the cows are feeding in the fields. After 6 month aging, the best "young" Comte will be set aside from others. Out of the 180 Comte makers, 2 are able to "push" Comte up to 30 month in very limited quantity. It will be called Christmas Comte because only sold during this period of time. Cheese Master Anthony selects the best of the best 30 month from Comte Cheese Maker Petit and "push" them to 36 month. It is recognized that only him has the ability to push Comte from 30 to 36 month.

Where can get it.....

36 months Comte Cheese always available in Chez Raymond Menu and also available for you to buy and bring home too.

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