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one of the finest cured hams in the world-- Pata Negra Bellotta

Patta Negra Bellotta available in Chez Raymond de Paris

What means "Pata Negra"?

- Translated, Pata Negra means Black Leg, but in fact, a Pata Negra pork is not always black skin, but always have black nail. Pata Negra is a pure pork race originated in the Iberian peninsula. Therefore called the Iberian Pork. Same as Kobe Wagyu is excluisively Japanese. Pata Negra can only be produced in few areas in Spain and Portugal.

- Actually Pata Negra ham is the most highly regulated ham in the world.

What means "Bellotta"?

- Bellotta is the food that Iberic porks are going to eat through fall and winter to devellop the exceptional nutty marbling meat that you can observe ONLY in Pata Negra Bellotta ham. Each pork need at least 1 hectare of free range oak tree forest be able to feed themselves through the winter... This is a LOT of space for each pork!

What does it takes to have the label Pata Negra Bellotta?

1. The pork needs to be 100% Iberian black nail pork.

2. The porks needs to be 100% feed free range during all the winter.

How much time it takes to make Pata Negra Bellotta ready to eat?

The porks need be at least 2 years old before they are given to make ham. Then the curing process of the ham takes at least 36 extra month... Total: 5 years to make ham...

All this factors explain why Pata Negra Bellotta is such an exceptional product and why no other dry/cured ham in the world can compete with Pata Negra Bellotta.

So What means Jamon de Cebo?

Jamon means Ham, De Cebo is a quality under Pata Negra, already excellente, cheaper than Pata Negra Bellotta. Porks are not 100% Iberic pork and they don't need to eat only 100% acorn and bee free range. Also the aging is only 20 month.

Where to find Pata Negra Bellotta in Hong Kong?

Pata Negra de Bellotta Ham is an exceptional Ham... I am French, but I can say that our neighbors have done the best of the best! Excellence in ham has a name... Pata Negra Bellotta is always available in Chez Raymond de Paris and Raymond Saver Club.

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