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Tenderloin Rossini 150 years Classic French

The Best Steak in Hong Kong - Tenderloin Rossini Tournedos Rossini

The Tenderloin Rossini (Tournedos Rossini) maybe the most classic dish of French cuisine in two ways...

Gioachino Rossini

Opera Composer Gioachino Rossini was more than a "simple" foody, about a 150 years ago, Rossini was a guest of the very best addresses in Paris: Maison Doree, Hotel Ritz and other best names. It is not sure where and to which Chef he asked a special tenderloin to be made specially for him. Some sources saying it would have been Marie-Antoine Carmene (King of the Chef and Chef of the Kings) or Casimir Moisson or Auguste L'Escoffier. All those Chef names having in common the creation of the new French Cuisine, the Haute Cuisine. Getting back to Rossini and his special request, he asked for a piece of tenderloin to be topped with Foie Gras and Truffle served with a Madeira demi-glaced sauce. Today Chez Raymond De Paris, we are offering you to discover or rediscover the most classic meat dish of the French Cuisine in two versions, one served with morels and one with black truffle, together with a slice of our home made Foie Gras.

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