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Magic ingredient for serious food lover: Premium Quality Morels.

Morels is one of the 2 most subtle ingredients that people can use in their festive cooking. Very hard to find, almost impossible to get it grow by oneself, people hunting Morels are hiding their "trails". Our Morels are full Morels, premium quality handled by a team of people dedicating their life to wild mushrooms. Dry Morels are almost only found in upscale restaurants. Morels are rare and quite expensive, they are adding a very elegant touch of magic only to be compared to Winter Truffle. Any dishes using Morels transform instantly into a sophisticated dishes.

Some examples of Traditional Morels dishes:

- Organic Eggs Morels Omelette

- Snails and Morels Saute in Casserole

- Morels, Asparagus and Old Comte

- Morels and Foie Gras Veloute

- Roasted Pigeon with Morels ... The list of traditional dishes around Morels is endless...

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