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One of the Best Butter in the world!

Tired of industrial made Butter? It is time to experiment star quality butter...

Made to specification by Rodolphe Le Meunier, Meilleur Ouvrier de France

(Competition with tittles delivered every 4 years to people who are the best in their field) & International Cheese expert explains what goes into the making of superior butter.

At this level, you will definitely forget about all what you tried before. Le Meunier says the butter is made to his specifications in small lots by a producer in Normandy. The cream is inoculated with bacteria and fermented for a couple of hours — like yogurt. Then it's churned in an old-fashioned beater, or baratte. When it just begins to come together in curds, it's transferred to wooden molds and spread by hand to avoid breaking up any of the delicate fat globules.

Beurre de Baratte comes salted (aggressively, with fleur de sel) and sweet (unsalted). Both are a deep golden color and incredibly richly flavored, almost more like cheese than regular butter.

The unsalted is best for cooking, but it needs to be used carefully because of its high moisture content (open a package and you'll probably see a little water weeping from the pat). Le Meunier says it’s great for baking cakes, not so much for crisp crusts.

One of his favorite treats is to spread it on hot toast and sprinkle it with chocolate powder. If the thought of that doesn't get you salivating, you haven't tasted great butter.

Le Meunier comes from a cheese-making family in La Croix-en-Touraine, a town of about 2,000 people. His grandmother made goat cheese; his father expanded the business to the aging and finishing of goat cheeses (affineur is a respected specialty in France, though it's largely unknown here).

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