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What quality of eggs you are eating?

Before asking yourself any question about the eggs you are getting or finding in your local market you need to be able to read the eggs labels so you know what you get and for what you are paying for.

Sure price of eggs can go from 1$ to over 10$+ a piece. EU has created a scale of quality that all eggs farms need to follow. It means that no matter if you are producing TOP Quality eggs or LOWEST quality egg, you need to tell your customers what you are offering them. This is valid for EU.

In this little article, we reproduced the quality scale used in EU to rate eggs, so next time when you go to supermarket, you will know what you will get. We also invite you to see a youtube video of how the eggs we selected for Chez Raymond are produced. Because we engage ourself into offering top quality products to our customers, you can also enjoy ordering them from us through Raymond's saver club.

We selected Cocorette as our brand for eggs, if you love real omelettes and real scramble eggs, give it a try! You will not be disapointed! Cocorette has been awarded a Good Egg Award from Compassion in World Farming for their ethical policies towards egg production. Those eggs taste good because they come from Happy Hens, want to know more, you can check this video

Time to know more about what egg you are getting right now.....

According to EU law all eggs produced within the EU must have a code printed on the shell to allow the egg to be traced.

The producer may choose to add a logo or other information, but at a minimum it must have a code like the one shown in the image above, e.g. 1FR12345.

On the picture you can see: 0FRJKG01 - Organic, produced in France by JKG01- followed by the Best Before date and BIO here stands for Organic in France (this last information is additional but not mandatory. Knowing most consumers don't know how to read eggs information, the farmer deciding to add "BIO" logo for easier undersanding.

The codes on eggs indicate the following:

The first number: 0, 1, 2 or 3 tels you how are eggs farmed / Next to it is the country of origin / Next is the Farmer/Producer ID.

0 Organic

1 Free-Range

2 Barn

3 Cage

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